This year I have made my first mural, using an innovative technique to mount murals, where assembly is carried out relatively easily and where disassembly is also possible. In my opinion, a mural embodies the basic openness that any piece created by an artist should have, and it is the simple free enjoyment of it.

The Motive

The concept was to represent Albert Einstein in pixels – I always imagined the work in a large format. Albert Einstein is one of the most captivating and enigmatic people who has walked through the recent history of mankind. In my opinion, no monument can do justice to his ability to capture abstract truths and transform them into mathematical equations and understandable language. For me, it is one of the greatest sources of inspiration and fascination in my pictorial practice. There are not enough works in his honor. With my pixel technique I was able to show and capture the main features of his face and that expression with which we are so familiar. Fortunately I found someone who was willing to let me use his building as a canvas, so that I could give him a face which would have a dimension of 6 × 3 meters, with approximately 1600 ceramic tiles painted with spray paint in different shades of gray, later mounted on the facade of that residential building located in Wedding / Berlin.

First sketch of the project.

About the Production Progress

In a total of at least 200 hours of work I was able to put together the planning, I obtained the appropriate materials and prepared 66 modules, which would later be configured according to what has already been outlined. I had to develop a strategy of how to categorize the shades of gray, numbering all the tiles depending on which of those shades would be assigned later. Then each mosaic had to be sanded, cleaned and prepared to be spray painted, mosaics that were then glued in the correct order on foam panels previously cut to size. Five anchor points were drilled to each module and later each panel was unified with a safety net. The last step was to rent a lifting platform and install all those panels of 20-25 tiles each, on the facade of the building with the help of friends.

The finished mural

After 2 days of work on the site, the mural was assembled on the wall. This was a really fun project to do, despite my fear of heights. I am looking forward to doing more murals. If you have a wall you want to paint, please contact me.